You’ve been in an accident. Now, you’re talking to the other driver’s insurance company who tells you, “you don’t need a lawyer. They just complicate the situation.” Technically, it’s true. You don’t need an attorney to settle your case. In some cases, when the settlement seems fair, you may not even want to talk to an attorney. If your accident was serious and you’re facing long-term life changes from injuries, here are four reasons it makes sense to talk to a personal injury lawyer.

The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Has Lawyers Working For Them 

The insurance company has lawyers on their team. If you don’t need a lawyer, why do they? You don’t have the knowledge of the laws and legal process to really understand your rights after an accident. Your lawyer works for you. The insurance company that tells you not to hire a lawyer doesn’t have your best interests at heart.

Your Lawyer Can Negotiate For You 

After an accident, you need to focus on getting well, not dealing with the stress of negotiations. The insurance company that you’re negotiating with has excellent skills and wants to give you the least amount possible as compensation. You want someone with negotiation skills to stand up to the other side and work for you.

Your Lawyer Can Discuss Your Options 

After an accident with serious injuries, you don’t have to accept the first settlement. You may have other options. A lawyer can help you with litigation, if your case has to go to court because the other side doesn’t want to admit fault. You may have other liable parties that can be held responsible if the other driver didn’t have insurance. Although court actions may be the last resort, it might be the best option. Your lawyer can help you look at the choices and determine what are the best steps to take.

A Lawyer Keeps Your Claim on Track 

A personal injury claim has many complex parts, as a personal injury lawyer, can explain. It’s not only negotiating with the insurance company. You may have to file documents with the court. Evidence needs to be preserved and gathered. Your lawyer handles the procedures to make sure that your rights are protected. A personal injury case can take a long time to go through the courts. You don’t want your inexperience to derail your case.

Talk to a personal injury attorney about your accident and injuries to get the compensation you need.