Did you know that millions of people in the U.S. have unfair negative marks or errors on their credit report? These mistakes are what can bring down a creditor score, which then impacts your ability to be approved for big life moments, such as buying your first car or a family home. Here we have gone into further detail as to why you should go to a lawyer for assistance with your credit score/report. 

Review of Your Credit Report

The initial step that your lawyer will take is a review of your credit report to identify misreported information or errors. Then, the appropriate documents will be gathered and filled out, and submitted to relevant parties as a way to challenge, remove, or verify something that doesn’t look right. Other ways your lawyer can help you include:

  • Representing you in court
  • Counseling you on how to raise your credit score
  • Settling a debt with a collection agency
  • Filing a credit dispute with a credit bureau
  • Speaking with creditors on your behalf 

Advice You Can Depend On

You may have reached out to friends and family for advice on how to improve your credit score or make changes to an error on a report. Of course they are going to have your best of interest in mind, and there is some advice that may be correct. However, even with the best intentions your loved ones likely don’t have the same extent of knowledge as a lawyer who focuses on credit legalities. Let a lawyer help you so you have advice you can depend on.

For help improving your credit score or resolving an issue, consider contacting a Credit Repair Lawyer today, such as a knowledgeable lawyer from Marty Martin Bankruptcy Law.