A Lawyer Can Help You Through a Personal Injury Lawsuit Regardless of Current Progress

Many people choose to file civil actions without the assistance of an attorney. Unfortunately, the assumption that civil cases are somehow simpler to argue than criminal cases is often incorrect, especially when dealing with personal injury cases. Before deciding to pursue a civil lawsuit without legal representation, ask yourself about the complexity of the trial or the motivation of the defense. Insurance companies are often unwilling to negotiate when there is any question of liability, and these entities have the financial power to hire a skilled legal team to limit their exposure. If you want a fair shake, then hire a lawyer to help you build an argument.

When To Hire an Attorney

You want to hire an attorney as early in the process as possible because they will help you navigate conversations with insurance adjusters and opposing counsel. While it may seem harmless to discuss the case with these Outside individuals, nothing could be further from the truth.

Insurance adjusters and opposing counsel have one job, which is to discredit your claim. Speaking with these parties without an attorney can severely compromise your case. However, even if you did not have an attorney before talking with adjusters or lawyers, hiring an attorney now is still in your best interest.

Why Hire a Lawyer Now

Even if you already spoke to opposing counsel or insurance investigators, hiring a lawyer is your best chance at a fair settlement. An attorney, especially one with a personal injury specialty, will understand the tactics of insurance companies, and they may even have experience with the lawyers from the other side. Their experience is invaluable to your claim because, with prior knowledge and expertise, they can form arguments that only portray your argument in the best possible way. Beyond simply phrasing your argument, an attorney can frame it with legal precedent, which only bolsters the claim.

Why You Need an Attorney

Beyond their legal prowess, you need an attorney to make the case or negotiations fair. The other side will probably have more than their fair share of representation, especially if they are an insurer. Hiring an attorney ensures that you are not out of your depth during talks.

How far along are you in your personal injury case? Have you already talked with opposing counsel or an insurance adjuster? Regardless of how far into the process you are, contact a personal injury attorney like Tax Attorneys Now for help.