Car Accident Lawyer

An experienced driver knows that a lot of factors can affect the way a person drives. Poor road conditions such as potholes and bumpy terrain can make it more difficult to operate a vehicle. A part or component defect may cause a collision. People’s poor decisions or negligence are often culprits in incidents on the road. Plus, there’s always the issue of weather. High winds, heavy snow and rain, and icy roads are known to wreak havoc on drivers. If the weather was a major cause of your accident, you should speak to a personal injury attorney to review your options.

Purposes of Filing a Lawsuit

Not every car accident warrants legal action from one person to another. Sometimes, both parties can be at fault. In other cases, no one is to blame. However, if the other driver purposefully hit you or was driving in a reckless manner, you could have solid grounds to file a lawsuit. By doing so, you may be able to see damages to pay for your medical bills. Any injuries you suffered could require medical treatment such as surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing medication. These costs can be hefty, even with the help of insurance. A lawsuit can also help you recover money you have lost by not being able to work. In some situations, you can even seek damages for pain and suffering or the loss of enjoyment.

What the Attorney and Courts Will Look At

In deciding whether to pursue legal action against the other party, your personal injury attorney will review the facts of the case. The lawyer may revisit the scene, speak to witnesses, obtain the police report or review your medical records. Before awarding you a settlement, the judge will consider the nature and severity of your injuries as well as the impact they are having on your quality of life. The court will also take into account the other party’s actions. Driving while intoxicated, excessive speeding, running a red light or road rage could be causes for the accident.

Where Does Weather Fit In

When ice, snow or rain is a factor, the court will look closely at both drivers’ actions. Even if road conditions are poor, the judge could award you damages if it is determined that the other driver failed to slow down, followed you too closely or turned too quickly in front of you.

Don’t assume that if your car accident occurred in inclement weather that you can’t still sue for damages. Your attorney, like a car accident lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, will make sure you get fair treatment in your case.

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