Get the Legal Help You Need After a Motorcycle Accident

Bike Accident Attorney

Although motorcycle accidents are unique in many ways, filing a claim for them and going through that legal process is not too dissimilar to what you would do when you are the victim in a car accident. However, these situations are inherently more dangerous because of the simple fact that riding a motorcycle can be more dangerous than driving in a car. The injuries you can sustain as a victim in a motorcycle accident can easily be life-threatening, and when you have been a victim, one of the first things you should do is reach out to an attorney. They want to see you get the compensation you deserve after a traumatic motorcycle injury, and we know that the healing process, both physically and mentally, can be long and exhausting. To see how an attorney can help you with your claim, please contact a law office now.

Why is riding a motorcycle riskier?

While it may seem obvious, riding a motorcycle is riskier because you are left unprotected in the same ways that a car would be able to protect you. A motorcycle is significantly smaller than a car. Further, it only has two wheels and it does not provide the motorcyclist with any of the metal encasing that a car does. This leaves the rider completely exposed to the elements save for what he or she is wearing. For these reasons, it is much more common to sustain a serious injury or die from a motorcycle accident than it is in a car accident.

What other risks or unique to riding a motorcycle?

There are certain risk factors that will be unique to riding a motorcycle that do not affect a car in the same way.

  • Road Hazards. Road hazards may be completely minor. There may be small amounts of debris in the road or even uneven pavement that would have little or no effect whatsoever on the driver of a car. However, because of the significant size difference and the fact that a motorcycle only has two wheels, debris or uneven pavement can cause the motorcycle to flip or crash into another object.
  • Lack of Protection. Unlike a car, a motorcyclist does not have the same protection from the road and outdoor hazards that someone who is driving a car does. There are no seatbelts for a motorcyclist and many motorcycles are not equipped with airbags. When riding a motorcycle, it is imperative that the rider wears the proper safety gear—a helmet and thick clothes—to protect their body in the event of a crash.

Determining Liability

Similar to car accidents, when you are proving liability in a motorcycle accident you and your attorney will likely be looking to see how the other driver (or perhaps the city or the county) acted negligently in some way. When you can prove this negligence, you must tie it in directly with how you got your injuries.

Source: Canoga Park Bike Accident Attorney, Barry P. Goldberg