Car Accident Lawyer

Many times, the fault of a car accident comes down to “he said, she said.” Nobody tries to get in an accident, so if you know the light was green, but the other driver says their light was green, they may legitimately believe it was. The good news is it doesn’t matter much what the other driver has to say. There are three additional aspects that can help you prove fault with the help of a car accident lawyer.

  1. Witness Statements

If there are neutral witnesses at the scene, ask them to stick around and give a statement. If you are certain you’re not at fault, you’ll want those witnesses to vouch for you. They don’t have any gain or loss in your case, so their statements will become extremely important. If they’re willing, obtain contact information from them so your lawyer can get in touch if needed for trial.

  1. Police Report

When police officers arrive on the scene and start taking statements, be very detailed and very clear about what happened. In a court case, jury members often believe police officers more than anyone else. You want the officers to understand exactly what you’re saying and to make a clear report about it. Never admit fault, even if you feel you are partially to blame.

  1. Physical Evidence

The physical evidence from a car accident scene speaks volumes about what happened. Most lawyers won’t be able to argue the physical evidence because it is most often factual and indisputable. A jury will be shown this evidence, typically in pictures, and can decide if what they’re seeing offers a clear picture of fault. If they hear stories from both sides and neutral witnesses, but only one story matches up with the evidence, they are more likely to believe the person whose story is corroborated by evidence.

Evidence can be collected in various forms. If you are able, or can have someone else do it for you, get pictures of the cars before they are moved from the road. Take pictures of your injuries. If car parts flew off and landed in another location, take a picture of the debris so the jury can see which direction it flew. Walk down the road to where the other party came from and take pictures of the intersection. Make sure you include skid marks from both yours and the other individual’s car.

Contacting a Lawyer for Assistance

If you were involved in a car accident and the other driver is insisting it’s your fault, you’ll want the witnesses, police reports and physical evidence to back up your side of the story. Contact a lawyer today for help in collecting evidence so you can make a compelling case at court.

Source: Car Accident Lawyer Harford, MD, Greenberg Law Offices