Your Rights After an Arrest

Your Rights After an Arrest

Being accused of a serious crime is most people’s nightmare. If you have recently been arrested, you are likely worried about how you’re going to get yourself out of a sticky situation. Do you need a lawyer? Yes. Will you need bail money? Possibly. When people don’t have legal know-how or training in criminal justice, they are likely to be taken advantage of by the system. This is why individuals must ask to speak with a lawyer so they have a professional watching out for their best interests.

Your Rights with Law Enforcement

When you get stopped by a police officer and arrested, it’s understandably hard to have a clear head. You are probably nervous and scared about what’s to come. You may try to do anything you can to get out of the situation, even if that means making incriminating statements when you didn’t mean to. It’s important that you stay quiet and do not attempt to explain yourself so the officer lets you go. You could say something that is used against you later on. Remember, you have the right:

  • To due process (not being deprived of property, liberty, or life)
  • To be treated in a humane way
  • To be free from unlawful search and seizures
  • To be informed of your constitutional rights
  • To be appointed a lawyer if you cannot afford one
  • To remain silent
  • To stop answering questions at any time when asked by law enforcement
  • To consult and speak with a lawyer privately
  • To see a judge within a reasonable timeframe after the arrest

Your Rights in the Court of Law

After being arrested, you will go through a trial where your innocence or guilt is assessed. The judicial system is heavily regulated, and you have rights at this time, such as the right to due process, representation by a lawyer, a jury, speedy trial, public trial, confront witnesses, defend yourself, maintain innocence until proven guilty, and present evidence. 
If you or someone you love was recently arrested for a crime, contact a criminal defense lawyer Des Moines, IA from The Law Group of Iowa as soon as possible for help.