Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Patients put an inordinate amount of trust in their doctors, literally entrusting them with their lives. But can you imagine what it would be like to find out that the doctor who you counted on to take care of you and your family had actually had their medical license suspended in another state because of unprofessional conduct or negligent medical errors? You would likely be shocked and in disbelief that this could even happen. The truth is, however, it happens all the time where a doctor who has had their license to practice to medicine suspended in one state because of egregious acts can literally pack up, move to another state, and obtain a new license to practice there.

Licensed to Harm

There have been hundreds of media reports about medical professionals who abuse the system and continue to practice even after they have been effectively put out of business. The following are just some of the cases that made national headlines:

  • A Louisiana surgeon was accused of removing a healthy kidney from a patient scheduled for colon surgery. He surrendered his medical license and moved to California and continued to practice medicine. However, he had to surrender his California license after he removed a patient’s fallopian tube, mistaking it for her appendix. Except the patient’s appendix had already been removed in a prior surgery. Upon leaving California, he moved to Ohio, where – as of this writing – he has received an Ohio medical license and is treating patients.
  • In New Jersey, a neurologist surrendered his medical license after criminal charges were filed for submitting false insurance claims and paying kickbacks for referrals. He then relocated to California, where he obtained a medical license and – as of this writing – continues to practice.
  • Two families filed malpractice lawsuits for the deaths of their loved ones against a Wisconsin cardiac surgeon. He surrendered his medical license and moved to New York, where he was also licensed to practice and still practices, as of this writing.

In many cases, an accused medical professional will surrender their license in order to avoid a drawn out and expensive medical board hearing. Unfortunately, this allows them to continue treating patients in other states, putting patients at serious risk of injury and death.

Records of accusations against doctors are confidential and not available to potential patients. However, each state’s medical boards do have websites which are accessible to the public and will show if there have been any complaints filed against the doctor. When you are considering becoming a patient of a doctor, do not just check your own state’s website, but also check any states that you know the doctor has practiced in the past and see if there is any record of complaints.