FINRA lawyer Anne Arundel County, MD

FINRA lawyer Anne Arundel County, MD

Businesses can benefit from establishing a relationship with legal counsel who has experience representing businesses as a lawyer, like a FINRA lawyer Anne Arundel County, MD from a firm like Crepeau Mourges, can explain. Here are a few examples of how lawyers can help businesses. 

Business Formation

A business lawyer can help new businesses choose the right form of entity to establish. The best way to organize a business may depend on the number of principals involved, its anticipated revenue, taxes, and debts. A lawyer can also help business owners complete all necessary annual filings with the secretary of state to preserve the business entity’s active status.

Employment Matters

One area of the law that is particularly important for businesses to be proactive about managing is employment matters. They must assure compliance with federal employment law pertaining to issues such as discrimination. 

Both federal and state law govern how businesses compensate their employees. A business lawyer can help companies avoid wage and hour law violations. They can also advise them about preventative measures aimed at mitigating the potential liability for employment matters. 

Experienced employment counsel can assist in drafting employee handbooks, employment contracts, and nondisclosure agreements. In addition, they can offer counsel on specific situations in which a business is concerned about something that is happening with an individual employee.

Drafting Agreements

Many businesses need formal agreements with their clients. A business lawyer can work closely with owners to identify what may be areas of concern that businesses should address in the scope of their agreements. 

Having thorough contracts gives businesses clear remedies when something goes wrong with a transaction. It can also reduce their liability exposure.


When business’ clients don’t pay them, sending the same invoice over and over may not prompt a client to take care of an outstanding balance. Eventually, it may be necessary for businesses to pursue delinquent accounts through the collections process. 

A business FINRA lawyer can help businesses preserve their legal right to collect debts. Counsel can take action to get payment while steering businesses clear of collections law violations.

Protecting Intellectual Property

A business’ products or services may be proprietary and merit decisive action to protect intellectual property interests. Business FINRA lawyers are knowledgeable about safeguarding their clients’ intellectual property with things such as patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Ultimately, retaining counsel is generally a good practice for most businesses. Getting legal advice about important operational issues is better than trying to do guesswork. Staying in compliance with the law is generally easier and less costly than having to remedy noncompliance.