What To Do At the Scene of a Truck Collision

Suddenly being slammed into by a commercial truck can be a terrifying experience. You may have woken up from being knocked out with serious injuries and in a state of severe confusion. The scene of a truck collision can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation, where emergency personnel are needed to tend to a victim’s injuries. If you or someone you care about what recently hit by a commercial truck, do not take this on alone. It is recommended that anyone in such a predicament consults with a reputable attorney, like a trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Wiseman Bray, PLLC, for protection and help. 

Is it necessary to call the police?

Yes, regardless of the damage done to the property it is necessary that you contact the police. An officer can write a report about what happened, which you can use as evidence later on. Insurance companies often use these reports when deciding how much victims should be compensated. If the officer asks for your statement, only include facts and what you remember about how the collision occurred. Try to remain calm and get medical attention right away. 

Do I need to move my car? 

If it doesn’t interfere with the road or other drivers, then leave your car where it landed after the collision. If your vehicle blocks traffic, then move it over to the shoulder so you are safe and to avoid another accident from happening. 

What details do I need to collect from the truck driver?

Before leaving the scene, you must gather information from the truck driver. Do not let the truck driver vacate the scene until an officer has arrived and you have written down the following details: 

  • Truck driver’s first and last name (as written on driver’s license)
  • Home and cell phone number
  • Home address
  • Insurance company name
  • Policy number for insurance
  • Name of the trucking company
  • Contact for the truck driver’s direct supervisor

What other steps should I take?

In the midst of such a stressful scene, it can be difficult to remember what to do. However, if you can remember to gather the evidence before you leave, that will surely help you later on when filing a claim or taking legal action against the driver and/or trucking company. After calling the police, be sure to take these additional steps: 

  • See your doctor on the same day. Even if you think you feel okay, your body could be in a state of shock which can disguise injuries until a later time. Your doctor can run diagnostics to see if any injuries need attention. 
  • Talk with bystanders who saw the accident happen. If someone came over to help or saw the collision, ask for their name and phone number so your attorney can get an official statement from them in the days to follow.
  • Take photos and videos as evidence. Both photographs and videos can tell a story and contain details that may have otherwise been forgotten or gone unnoticed.
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